Tuesday, 8 July 2008

BIG River

The rain seems unrelenting at the moment. Thankfully in our area the weather forecasters (aka proffers of doom!) have got it all wrong on the wind front. Rather than the 60 mph predicted we have been enjoying a nice soft ripple, which is ideal to learn to fish in as Kenny Hopkins found. Here he proudly displays one of 3 decent fish caught during his first ever experience of fly fishing during a 2 day course and although it rained our wet weather kit ensured we remained warm and dry. I guide/teach well over 100 days per year and cannot fault the Greys GRXi range. It keeps me warm and dry in some of the worst conditions you can imagine.

But the rain has had an effect on the river. Here is the Exe looking down towards the Anchor Bridge a couple of days ago and as you can see it is up and dirty in a very big way. Not so great for the Trout anglers and we will have to wait for it to clear before the Salmon Flies can be given a swim, but I have to say I much prefer a river enjoying an occasional spate rather than the low water conditions experienced in a drought year.

That said, the rain is becoming daft! Let us hope that soon enough the low pressure pushes on and allows the sun to make an appearance. I am yet to enjoy a proper evening rise on the Trout this year and of course I would love to be hitting the Sea Trout too but once again the conditions have scuppered me. Going back to pressure and atmospheric conditions, I have just started using an awesome watch by Casio which measures barometric pressure. There is a theory that pressure changes can put fish on or off the feed and in the case of Salmon spur them to take or not as the case maybe. I will add a review here soon and on my shop site along with details regarding an excellent book that details the findings of one gentleman who is convinced that pressure changes really are the key to success when Salmon fishing.

For now I must leave the keyboard and ready my kit for Jim Pool. I have looked after Jim on a number of occasions and he is here tomorrow on a warm up prior to his two day corporate day with us. Jim really is a hardcore angler and will head out in any conditions in search of fish. The "proffers of doom" say that we will be enjoying an almighty deluge tomorrow but we will throw caution to the wind and be chasing down fish on the Lyn and possibly its tributary, Badgworthy Water. High winds and driving rain are not ideal but if the fly is in the water, there is a chance. I can also remember days like this ...

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  1. Nick,
    Many thanks again for great w/e, I'm ceratinly very glad we didnt cancel, and as you say..if you are kitted out apprporiately there no need for the rain to stop play.
    Both me and my dad (Ken) had a great time, the tuition was first class, and kept as simple as it could it be, and for us both to catch fish was real bonus.
    I was strict with myself not to get carried away, and finish the course bu buying a load of new gear, but after getting home I found I was still relly exited about getting into fly fishing, I have checked out my local fishery (Bake) and given all the online tackle shops and Ebay a good googling, I now wish I hadnt been so strict with myself as your deals especially on the Greys GRXI rod and real combo kit cannot be beaten anywhere on the web.
    When I am up in N. Devon again visiting the olds I will certainly come along to the fishery and get some more practice in, I hope to see you then.

    Thanks again

    Steve Hopkins