Wednesday, 9 July 2008


It seems hard to believe that just yesterday evening Neil and I were enjoying fishing the river Exe and catching Salmon like this. The river is now huge and Dulverton is on a flood warning.

Jim Pool and I have crossed the Barle, followed the Exe, headed to Badgworthy Water and even checked out the Lyn. All of them are huge and brown. I don't think even the most advanced deep water tactics would hold the flies down long enough for the fish to see them. An 8oz lead and a mackerel dead bait would probably stand more chance! Needless to say we did not wet a line and Jim's new Vision Waders will have to wait until another day to be christened.

Feast your eyes on the kind of conditions Jim and I have witnessed today including a short video clip above of the river Lyn. This is just above the Rockford Inn and always holds a few fish, not much chance of getting in there at the moment unless you fancied a closer inspection of the estuary!

Below is Badworthy water at Malmsmead and the other image shows the scene from the bridge looking back up the river Lyn from Rockford. Spectacular stuff, but not ideal fishing conditions.

But it looks like the rain is clearing a little and the great thing about our West Country rivers is that they soon return to normal plus as the flood waters subside the fishing can be sublime.

It all bodes well for next week and another trip out for Salmon. Meanwhile Henry Gilbey will be heading out for the same species in Norway. Check out his blog during the coming week for his ongoing report. I will also update very shortly with details regarding the rivers so keep checking back if you are hoping to enjoy a session this weekend. Pleeeease ... STOP RAINING!!!!

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