Friday, 4 July 2008

Corporate Fly Fishing Days

Over the last couple of days Neil and I have had the pleasure of looking after Peter Anderson and his guests from various businesses including Lloyds TSB and Ernst & Young. We fished on a beautiful private lake that has matured beautifully despite only being constructed a few years ago. Set seemingly in the middle of nowhere it is possible to rent a cottage close by to the lake which is in fact just a 10 minute drive from Dulverton. Even so we did not hear a car on the road all day. Just birds in the meadow and the sound of screaming reels!

I assisted the owner with the design of Gilbert's Lake which features an island plus lots of bays and drop offs, ideal for the nurture of aquatic food items while also providing superb Trout habitat. The lake is now well established and spooning the Trout revealed a huge variety of food including Damsel Nymphs and Flies (very unusual to see the adults in samples), Bloodworm, Buzzers, Corixa and Water Limpets (a sign that the water is extremely pure). This is however not a public fishery so the fish get plenty of time to naturalise, the results are awesome, see below!

Corporate days are ideal for like minded business people to meet and chat about their work, make new deals etc. Many find endless golf and track days become monotonous, a day fly fishing is something a little different! During the course of the two back to back days we looked after several anglers who had never been fishing, let alone tried casting a fly. But all managed to catch a fish and in fact we had a couple of stars who nailed the casting and then proceeded to deplete the Gilbert's Lake stock quite significantly!

What I found very interesting was the Trouts almost complete disinterest for Buzzer pupa imitations. Although we spooned the naturals from the fish we captured, they were extremely small and numbered very few per sample. A very common tactic for us to use when coaching newcomers to the sport is to suspend a buzzer under an indicator. However this proved fruitless and so we caught fishing twitching back various nymph patterns although damsels with and without goldheads reigned supreme. These patterns have such great fishing catching qualities, loosely imitating an insect while possessing plenty of movement to capture the Trouts eye.

Look at those fish! Every specimen had a razor sharp tail and scrapped incredibly well. In fact quite a number were lost due to a frenzied first run and a panicking angler holding on to the line too tight. A number of the guys said they will be throwing their catch on the BBQ tonight, let us hope the weather holds!

All in all the two days went down very well and I look forward to our next corporate guests who arrive for their fishing on Thursday & Friday next week. Meanwhile I have a two day course starting tomorrow (weather permitting!) while very favourable River Mole and River Torridge fishing reports mean that I will shortly be heading out after Sea Trout. I just can't get enough of these fish! Tonight though I have to go and check out the first part of a new project I have been working on that I will be able to make public here very soon.

And if you are looking for a different kind of day full of fun, good food and of course fish, give me a shout. We can help your business! Or why not celebrate a stag or hen night, a birthday or just get the family together for a day out fishing? Check out Nick Hart Fly Fishing or call Nick/Sue on 01398 323 008.

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  1. Nick, a fantastic 2 days fishing at Gilbert's Lake. Everything perfect - thank you & see you for more soon. Steve.