Sunday, 13 July 2008

New Generation Anglers

It all seems a bit doom and gloom in the UK right now what with the credit crunch, fuel reaching a record high and of course the weather has not exactly been kind. Although I am not complaining about the Salmon that are being encouraged up the river!

But I am happy to report that we have been having a great deal of fun recently guiding and teaching . In particular it is awesome to see the number of young anglers who seem to be visiting Exe Valley Fishery; what better way for a youngster to enjoy a day in the fresh air? Take 14 year old George Pym who visited in the company of his grand father yesterday for a half day session. Wandering down to the lake it became apparent that George is a young tennis star in the making. We discussed that amazing Wimbledon men's final of course (how could we not!) but more importantly I encouraged George that the hand eye co-ordination he has been mastering while playing tennis would pay dividends when it came to fly casting.

I was proved correct. Within 2 hours he was flicking out a crisp roll cast, followed by a high back cast into and overhead, finally shooting a delicate line across the lake. In fact his skills were so good that within minutes of starting he had already hooked a fish. It was lost but soon afterwards another came along and this time Georges grandfather was able to proudly net it for him. Sure I taught George how to cast but in fact you could not find a more attentive young man, keen to learn. His effort and ability to listen counted for a great deal and towards the end I knew that he was hooked" because every 5 minutes he was enquiring how much time was left in which to catch another fish! He finished with 3 having lost a couple. We are finding at the moment (for those of you visiting the fishery) that Buzzers fished very shallow under an indicator or a suspender style buzzer fished high in the water are the best bet.

More Salmon have been caught on the Exe. I know of a fresh grilse and a nine pound fish yesterday plus another estimated at 12lbs lost at the net. The water is clearing down but it is still at a lovely level. A sink tip and Stoats Tail should do very nicely although I would not discount an intermediate and cone head style fly. There is a lot of fishing available through Fish the Exe, or check angling magazines etc., to find beats. Angling 2000 is also worthy of a look for West Country Salmon fishing and of course there is the Lyn. This amazing river has provided me with countless hours of fun and although it is largely only suitable for spin fishing when targeting Salmon it is possible to nail them on the fly with perseverance. I will definitely be out on the Exe myself over the next couple of days keen to add to my tally for the season. I only hope the Mole comes good for a Sea Trout soon or indeed a Salmon. The barometer is up. Could this help I wonder?

The year is moving very quickly and I can hardly believe the CLA Gamefair is almost here. Last year it was a wash out and cancelled at the very last minute, let us hope that this year the weather is kind. Lets face it, we are due some sunshine! I will be there demonstrating with Henry Gilbey, our slot is late morning/early afternoon. Exact times here shortly.

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