Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Salmon Bum

I seem to have an affliction. Its Salmon. These fish have really got into my blood and this year I have made a concerted effort to get out whenever I have time (mainly evenings after work). So much so the back of my truck has started to become a little untidy as waders, rods and reels are flung in and out on a regular basis!

Last night I had to wait my turn on Blackpool (River Exe) but was rewarded for some patience with this 8lb Cock Fish. It was a coloured fish but fought well on my 10ft #7 Greys GTec, which beat it pretty easily. I would rather play a fish hard with risk of losing it, rather than gingerly and then have trouble reviving it. This fish shot off spraying me with water seconds after this rather hazy shot.

Below is how a Salmon should look. A blurred image that Neil grabbed prior to releasing this magnificent fish, a bar of chrome, that fell to his rod on Monday. At present we are finding intermediates and tubes are the best bet, in particular I favour those with a cone head. Three other fish were reported on the Exe yesterday that I know of, there are bound to have been more.

I am an starting to become even more convinced by the barometer theory too. Yesterday evening it had dropped and the fishing was slow. After I had released my fish I checked and it had risen. This has been the case for the last 4 fish taken by Neil and myself.

I must head to the lake but don't forget to check back for more reports and I wait in earnest for some pictures from Ireland by Henry Gilbey. He is out there photographing (and no doubt fishing!) Bass. These are spectacular fish, right up there with Salmon and one day I hope to head out to sample the amazing sport that Henry has been enjoying.

Pack your Salmon rod, more rain is on the way and the fish are running!

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