Wednesday, 27 August 2008

So Nearly a Salmon ... or two

I was out last night after work for a session on the River Exe after the Grilse that are now running the river. There are fish to be had but you need to be there at the right time and with a rising barometer, a cloudy sky and the evening darkness drawing near we fancied our chances.

Within a few casts on Blackpool I was into a fish, which thrashed on the surface and then came off! I fished that run hard, but nothing else for a while. A change of fly (to a classic Stoats Tail double) and once again I was off down the pool. In the identical spot I had lost the previous fish , I had a moment of madness and was fiddling with the cuff on my new Hardy EWS Jacket! The line was off out of my hand towards Exmouth before I realised my mistake. A chance of a 2nd Salmon ... Gone!

Meanwhile Mike was itching to have a go at the Browns that are up on top and feeding hard after all the flood water. This could be a very good end to the Trout season and I look forward to my last day party with the lads on the bank. Mike is in practice and took this lovely fish approaching a pound on a skated Sedge.

Back to the Salmon. A few fish had moved here and there but it had gone quiet and Neil reported no takes so far. I had one more pull on a Stoaty before enlisting the help of a big black Minkie Conehead. Now this is not a hard and fast Salmon pattern; but why shouldn't it work? I think we only catch Salmon on the likes of Stoats Tails, Cascades etc., because that is what we fish all of the time.

Out went the Conehead on an Intermediate and right in the back of Blackpool a fresh looking Grilse snapped it up, took some line, jumped and then came off! It was not to be my night and although I thrashed the water well into darkness nothing else transpired. That's Salmon fishing!

I must leave the keyboard and get back to the shop, there is much to be done. We have changed the look and there are more plans for the future. Come and check us out at the open day on Saturday 30th August 2008. We will be on hand to offer advice and assistance regarding a multitude of fly fishing topics, plus enter our competition for the chance to WIN a Hardy Demon rod worth £279.00!

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