Sunday, 14 September 2008

High River Trout

I have a load of stuff for the blog but have either been out fishing myself or guiding so no chance to post. All I can say for now is that Clatworthy has been awesome, some of the best reservoir fish I have ever seen in the South West. More on that story soon.

Today I am out with Matt Daley again who fished with me yesterday on a very swollen River Exe. Although the colour is now lovely it is extremely high and the fish are just not interested in dries, even around the edges. This is very unusual for the Exe where the fish free rise throughout the day. However this year the river has been almost constantly in spate and so at present the fish are heads down, feeding at river bed level. Yesterday we caught sight of a few really big Browns but didn't manage to connect.

Matt did incredibly well however in the circumstances wading in very fast, deep water using a string of heavy bugs to pick up fish. We latched into half a dozen which considering the conditions was a great result and in the strong current each one put up a spirited fight. And at last .... some sun shine!

Today Matts girlfriend Adele is joining us and after a short stint on the Exe I will take them North to try some pot holing and maybe find a few Browns willing to take a dry. More soon, right now I must wader up and hit the water. Its such a hard life this guiding lark! My life is almost as difficult as Henry Gilbeys! Check out Henrys Blog to find out what fun and games he has been enjoying recently.

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